Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Initial scene not yet filmed

The camera in extreme close-up of the Lawyer's eyes. The camera puuls back to reveal the Lawyer staring through the grill of the window of his Starstreamer. The camera continues to pull away as the Startstreamer reduces in size to a tiny dot in a black void of deep space.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Scenes filmed - watch on-line

The following scenes have been animated and the current versions can be viewed on-line by clicking the link. (Try right click and open in new window).

Even though they are nearly completed, remember that everything is software that can be upgraded, but if you do want to improve something, try the scenes listed as needed.

GC002S000IntroComboExplains background of Lawyer, the wife and the pirate

GC002S001LawyerWifeArgueBalcony Is the scene shown above of the lawyer on the balcony

GC002S002 -no scene 2
GC002S003 -no scene 3

GC002S004ExplanationCombo - Review of what is happening

GC002S005TwoWomenFantasyTwoWomanFantasy - Too much nudity to be freely downloaded

GC002S006WifeCapsuleWifeFantasyCapsule - Censored to protect the feeble due to partial nudity.

GC002S007LawyerStudy What is he going to do about the terrorist threat and his desire for power?

GC002S008StarstreamerBirthThe Lawyer has ordered that his pleasure yatch be brought from its moorings.

GC002S009StarstremaerInternals Within the comfort of the Starstreamer, the Lawyer plans.

GC002S010ComboLawyerSmoogat The reletionship between the lawyer and the cut-throat pirate.

GC002S011LawyerinSpaceTravelling to the rendevous.

GC002S012SmoogatReport What is publically known about the terrible pirate Smoogat.

GC002S013SmoogatAttacksStarstreamer The battleship attacks.

GC002S014SmoogatBoardsSatrstreamer Smoogat takes control.

GC002S015SmoogatChairkindStaple The Lawyer is taken aboard the battleship and treated severely.

GC002S016SmoogatConcubines The unbelievable offer that Smoogat makes to the Lawyer. Warning: Some may find this offensive due to breach of rules of good beahviour on Castrati.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

GC002017 - finale not yet filmed

GC002017 - finale not yet filmed: Smoogat announces that the battleship must go on a short errand and that the Lawyer will be returned to his Starstreamer, which has been disabled, anchored and hidden in a space blanket until the battleship returns. We see a close-up on the Lawyer's eyes, pulling away (as in initial scene) as the deep void of space envelops the Starstreamer and a voice over of a memebr of Smoogat's crew announces, "Hull rupture!" "We must proceed at low speed to a repair port."