Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Second Movie in series - progress report

Principal photography for God's Companion 2 is 95% complete May 2006.

Schedule for the finished movie is Spring 2007

There will be some sneak preview stills on this site soon, and if you search on-line you may find some beta versions of some of the scenes which are being using in the open call for actors to do the voices of the characters such as Scene 002 Lawyer & Wife argue on balcony.

The main changes from the first in the series God's Companion - the search for Jefratus are the increased render time, the slower pace, the increase in narration in place of dialogue and the shift towards non-human characters. This has been partly due to the different emphasis in this part of the overall story, but also has been a reflection of resources available and experience during the production of the first feature movie in the series.

Several of the scenes are still on OPEN CALL so if you want to create one of those scenes register now at the Film forum where you can sign-up to be in the movies.

God's Companion 3 is now in development with a scheduled completion date in 2008.


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