Thursday, June 16, 2005

Plot of episode 2 - God's Companion series

The Lawyer is worried by the threat he has received from the deadly terrorists called Liberators.

His estrangement from his wife is apparently a minor side story, but will lead to unforseen consequences.

The Lawyer decides to take a trip into deep space to meet with the cut-throat pirate Smoogat so that he may be smuggled into the distant and bizarre world of Castrati

He expects to make contact with the Liberators on that world and to recruit them in his mad plan of empire building, because every empire begins with ruthless force.

Unknown to him, his wife will make use of his absence to go to court to claim disertion and the transfer of his immense wealth into her control, but what neither of them knows is that another person is manipulating them for an even more dastardly purpose.

Rating: Some nudity, a few naughty jokes, little violence.

Release date: Spring 2007


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